Babies & Mamas

“We are here, as we empathies and share the pain that every mother goes through. From one mama to another mama.”

In the entire universe, there is no warrior greater than a mother.

Women go through a plethora of difficulties to raise their child from the very first day of the pregnancy. As a mother, I know the sacrifices we all make to raise a child.

The initial years to raise a child are the most challenging because of the emotional anxiety a mother faces and the child cannot really communicate through words. Most of the times, it gets very difficult to understand the reason behind a child’s tears.

We wanted to drive an initiative to reduce the pain of all the mothers and make their lives a little easier.

A baby’s skin is very sensitive and mothers generally face a hard time in deciding the clothes and the material that would be the best for their baby. Therefore, bridging this gap became the vision of our company, under the brand name “Babies and Mama’s”.

Talking from experience, many reasons behind the discomfort faced by babies are related to the clothes they wear. Under this initiative, we will provide you with the best cotton clothes for your child which is really soft and compatible with a baby’s skin. The clothes will make your child feel extremely comfortable. Ultimately, happier baby implicitly means happier mama.

If we are able to make the lives of all mothers easier by even 1%, we will be successful in our mission.

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